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Medical Team

MEDICAL TEAM of RNC Free Eye Hospital has enhanced the vision of number of patients by providing high quality eye care without any differences. Our diverse eye care services extend from high tech medical and rehabilitative care through hands-on personal care. Every service is provided by dedicated and committed staff members.

Medical Director


Dr Rushita Desai , MS Ophthalmology

Dr Archana Chaudhari, MS Ophthalmology

Dr Ankita Patel , DO, Ophthalmology

Dr Shaheen Virani , MS Ophthalmology

Dr Sai Mehta Shah, MS Ophthalmology

Dr Dimple Lodha (Shah), DNB Ophthalmology

Dr Pritesh Desai , MS Ophthalmology



Dr.Vimal Fudnawala,-,-

Dr.Ashish Ahuja,-,FICO, FAICO, F.V.R.S. (Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai)