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Facts regarding the hospital

It is well said “Hands extended for helping poor, needy and deserving ones are more pious than hands folded for prayers.” We are thankful to our donors and well-wishers who have been extending their helping and generous hands to relieve those people suffering from eye ailments. The RNC Free Eye Hospital, opened in 1920, has been providing Ophthalmology Treatments without any charges since beginning. We have been maintaining considerable less than number of “Cluster Infections” (Cluster Infection means after surgery infections.). No cases of cluster infections are found in last 25 years. Our Success Ratio has been more than 97% since last many years.

  • In addition to that, the patients operated here have a visual outcome of 6 by 18 or more after surgery which is considered tough to achieve in medical field.
  • Another feature is that, the infection rate of the hospital with compare to an average infection rate of the hospitals in India.
  • We have been maintaining the Infection Rate to 1:4500 to 1:5000 since last many years. Also, the Infection ratio has reached 1:10000 during few years in comparison to normal Infection ratio i.e. 1:1000 in other Hospitals.

Fast Fact

  • The hospital is designed with inputs from expert architectures and health care providers. The hospital is a tangible symbol of our dedication to fighting plenty of Ophthalmic issues with every resource available to us.
  • Average 78000-87000 Outpatients Volume a year,Average 8000 – 10000 operations a year Serving patients from Valsad City, other cities and villages of South Gujarat as well as North Maharashtra Possess one of the highest successful operation ratios, better visual out come and less Cluster Infection among the hospitals all over the India.
Other details from the annual report – mostly in tabular form for better understanding of a viewer.