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Shri Khanbahadur Sheth Dadabhai Ratanji Balsara (Chavsarewala)

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Welcome To RNC Free Eye Hospital

The RNC Free Eye Hospital at Valsad, founded in 1920 by Shri Khanbahadur Sheth Dadabhai Ratanji Balsara (Chavsarewala), is an internationally-renowned eye institution that specializes in the diagnosis and management of complex medical and surgical eye disease. It has been providing quality eye care facilities since last 102 years. Right from the day of inauguration we have been providing all eye care facilities for free of cost charging even a single penny to our patient because we believe "Hands extended for helping poor, needy and deserving ones are more pious than hands folded for prayers".

The RNC Free Eye Hospital is also recognized as infection free treatments followed by the success rate of 97%. We always take care of over hygiene.

To provide Modern, Safe and Free eye care to one and all without any social, religious and economic discriminations. We protect the most precious sense of all…eyesight. We believe in holistic patient-centered approach, as per Hippocrates’ model of medicine, whereby the patient and not the disease is treated. Thus, all patient needs are taken into consideration instead of restricting our care to eye health and vision problems.We embrace our employment policies and our practices attract and retain high caliber staff, and we recognize their contribution to the achievement of our vision.

We want to develop and maintain RNC as a place where people strongly wish to work, where physicians wish to practice and, most importantly, where patients feel the trust to get treated as well operated when they are in need of eyecare services.

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Shri Dhananjay T. Desai Chairman

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